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Client Case Study 

Seoane Landscape Design

Seoane Landscape Design wanted to feature several different aspects of their business.
We produced the following video series:
  • Five longer- length videos (averaging 7 minutes each) that targeted homeowners and builders who would consider installing large landscaping projects.
We recorded a project that included a pool, waterfall, stonework and large-scale plantings and took several months to complete.
We released a new video every two weeks throughout the summer as the job progressed.  
  • Other videos featured their commercial projects in shopping malls, and smaller scale landscape projects for homeowners.
  • A third series featured their retail store operations, along with instructions for do-it-yourself gardeners.
We posted these videos to their web site, set them up with a channel on YouTube, and embedded a different video each week in their Constant Contact enewsletter.
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