About Cathy Corcoran


I've been writing for The Patriot Ledger and other newspapers and magazines for years. I've also been a communications consultant for many clients.


My Novel, Magic Happens, was published in 2010, and I’ve done TV ad campaigns, web sites, newsletters, annual reports - you name it, I’ve written it.  I’ve produced it.  


Now, I'm telling stories with video.

As I tell anyone who will listen, everyone has a camera, but it's not about the camera - it's about the story.  I love help clients find their stories and tell them through video.


Of course I’m still writing for clients - everything from ad copy to scripts, to speeches, to annual reports.


If you want a writer, a videographer, an ad manager, someone who’s smart and fun and funny, send me an email.  


Now that you know all about me, I'd love to learn more about you.







Sure, video's the way most people communicate in the 21st century, but that doesn't mean the written word is dead!

To see some of my writings, go to www.CathyCorcoranWriter.com.

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