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Client Case Study:  Seoane Landscape Design

Seoane Landscape Design wanted to feature several different aspects of their business.
We produced five longer- length videos (averaging 7 minutes each) that targeted homeowners and builders who would consider installing large landscaping projects.
We recorded a project that included a pool, waterfall, stonework and large-scale plantings.
The job took several months to complete.
We released a new video every few weeks throughout the summer as the job progressed.  
In addition to posting on YouTube, the Seoane web site, and distributing through their Constant Contact newsletters, Seoane gifted a set of DVDs to the homeowner when the project was completed.
They loved them! 
A word about video length
Most of the projects on this page are about 7 minutes long. Today, that's too long for on line viewing.
If we were shooting these today, I'd strongly recommend shorter length.  
BUT the client wanted lots of detail, especially for the large-scale projects. 
We always deliver what the customer wants!
Back Yard Resort Episode 1
Back Yard Resort Episode 2
Back Yard Resort Episode 3
Back Yard Resort Episode 5
Back Yard Resort Episode 4
Mid-Sized Projects
Other videos featured their commercial projects in shopping malls, and smaller scale landscape projects for homeowners.
Front Yard Makeover

Commercial Projects: Derby Street Shoppes

Retail Business

A third series featured Seoane's retail store operations, along with instructions for do-it-yourself gardeners.

Container Planting
Do-It-Yourself Garden Design
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