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Client Case Studies:

South Shore Chamber of Commerce

South Shore Chamber of Commerce used video to showcase member businesses and attract new members.
To demonstrate the diversity of Chamber membership, we featured a large real estate developer, a non-profit, a small wellness business, and an employee of a mid-sized business.
We set up a YouTube channel and uploaded new videos each week. Shorter videos - averaging 2 - 3 minutes - appeared on a loop in the Chamber offices' reception areas and in Constant Contact email blasts.
Longer videos - averaging 7 minutes each - appeared on the Chamber web site. 
Featured businesses - A.W. Perry, Friendship House, A Healthy Balance, and Rogers & Gray each posted the videos on their own web sites, thereby expanding the audience for the Chamber.
How could you use this approach to benefit your business or organization?
A. W. Perry Commercial Real Estate
Friendship House

Rogers & Gray Insurance

A Healthy Balance
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