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How long should my videos be?
That depends.
Many of the projects you'll see here are about 7 minutes long.
Today, that's too long for on-line viewing.
Usually, optimum length for on-line videos is 2 - 3 minutes.
BUT How-to videos can be longer.
Videos about detailed high-priced goods or services can be even longer
(see Client Case Study: Seoane Landscape Design).
And some clients want to tell their whole story for a special occasion, such as an anniversary.
(see Client Case Study: Glastonbury Abbey)
We work with our clients to develop specific messages aimed at specific audiences.
We also help them decide how long videos should be, and distribute them so they'll have the most impact.
We always deliver what the customer wants!
How much does it cost?
Well that depends too.
Do you want a video to record one special event?
Can we shoot in one or two sessions? Or do you want to record a long term project over a period of several weeks or months? (See Client Case Study: Seoane Landscape Design)
Do you want to attract new customers and maintain existing customers with regular postings on social media?
Who's your target audience?
Do they use social media?  Where? When? How often?
What else do they watch on line?
Take a look at the projects here on our site and maybe your mental wheels will start turning.
We'd love to meet to find out more about your business and offer suggestions on how we can help.
                                                                                                    Click here for a free in-person consultation
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